Daniel L. Gustafson
Biology Department MSU-Bozeman


Welcome to the AIM project home page. My goal is to provide useful, basic data on the freshwater invertebrates of Montana. This will include taxon summaries, species lists, distribution maps, identification aids, pictures, life history notes, important name changes, any other commentary as seems useful or interesting at the time and links to other sites. You may also want to check out my Greater Montana Area Project, which is primarily a tool for this project.


Except for the links at the bottom of this page, all of the AIM project information is linked to the AIM Taxon List. The image at the top of this page also leads there. Each listed taxon leads either to a list of included taxa, or to information on that taxon. You should look for more general information under the higher level taxa as this may not be repeated for all included taxa.

Other Lead Topics

17 NOV 1995, information updated on 22 APR 1996 D.L. Gustafson