beetle workshop 2016

4th Bozeman Invitational Beetle Families Workshop

November 27, 2015
Nominations now open for the fourth Bozeman Invitational Beetle Families Workshop for June 12-21st June 2016 at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT. Beetle Workshop Invitational
MSU Extension Associate Specialists (from left) Laurie Kerzicnik, Noelle Orloff and Eva Grimme sort through samples sent by mail from the public

MSU Gumshoes Solve Mysteries About Montana's Plants and Insects

June 30, 2015
You never know what will arrive in your mailbox when you’re a sought-after detective who solves mysteries about Montana’s plants and insects. Click here to read full article
washed bee

Montana Bees Prepared for MSU Researchers

June 30, 2015
Whether they’re documenting the bumble bees of Montana, studying the insects that pollinate Montana’s huckleberries or analyzing the effect of native wildflowers on bees that pollinate Montana crops, research associate Casey Delphia and graduate student Amy Dolan Click here to read full article
Laurie Kerzicnik using microscope

New Extension Diagnostician joins MTEC as Associate Curator

January 24, 2014
Montanans who worry about spiders living in their basement or other insects in their homes and gardens can once again consult with an urban insect diagnostician at MSU. Click here to read full article
Justin Runyun using a collection system to capture airborne compounds released by plant in greenhouse

MTEC Associate Curator of Diptera wins Presidential Prize

January 22, 2014
An MSU graduate who received a national award last year has now won the highest honor the United States government gives to science and engineering professionals in the early stages of their independent research careers. Click here to read full article
metallic dark green, yellow, and teal beetle

33,000-Mile Quest for Montana Beetles Turns into More for MSU Student

July 17, 2013
An MSU graduate student who started conducting research as an undergraduate recently published two papers on the beetles of Montana. His search for the longhorn beetles of Montana now involves Montana 4-H'ers, a new website and a related beetle project by an MSU senior. Click here to read full article
Part of Dan Gustafson's donation more than 1 million specimens, books, scientific papers, field notes and photos to the Montana Entomology Collection

MSU Ecologist Makes Largest Single Donation to Montana Entomology Collection

July 15, 2013
An MSU ecologist who spent 30 years collecting insects, worms, clams and other organisms has donated his entire collection to the Montana Entomology Collection. Click here to read full article