Bombus (Subterraneobombus) borealis Kirby, 1837 Northern Amber Bumble Bee

Bombus borealis is known to inhabit the temperate and boreal forests of the eastern United States, west through the northern Great Plains of North Dakota into Canada (Williams et al. 2014). In Montana, it has been collected in some of the northernmost counties and further south in Gallatin and Lewis and Clark Counties.

Recorded Montana Distribution

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Bombus borealis has yellow hairs on abdominal T1-T4, many black hairs on T5, yellow hairs on the face, and a cheek that is longer than it is wide. The side of the thorax has predominantly black hairs.

Similar Species

This species is most easily confused with B. appositus and B. fervidus in Montana. However, the hairs of T1-T5 are predominantly yellow in B. appositus and B. fervidus has black hair on the face.