Clytus planifrons (LeConte)

Recorded Montana Distribution

The Montana Record for Clytus planifrons (LeConte) is based on a literature record, we saw no specimens of this species. The record is from a dot on a map of the range of the species in North America that is probably near Eureka. However, we cannot be sure, so no country record is mapped. See pg 166 in Linsley, E. G. 1964. The Cerambycidae of North America. Part V: Taxonomy and classification of the subfamily Cerambycinae, tribes Callichromini through Ancylocerini. University of California Publications in Entomology 22: 1-197.

Distribution: western North America (Pacific Coast)
Biology and Hosts: fir
Collecting Notes:
Flight Period: May - July
Size: 9-13mm


Clytus planifrons

Photos courtesy of Larry Bezark via Photographic Catalog of Cerambycidae of the World: